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There are three processes involved in a collision:
Cruise. Approach. Impact.

Conveniently, these are the three endorsement levels that Collision Drumsticks offers to endorsed artists. Each endorsement level has various guidelines, not all aspects have to be met to be considered, but a handful of each will help:

Cruise: – Playing live 2- 3 times a month

  • Opening or supporting local touring acts/touring regionally
  • Band has over 1,000 Facebook likes (or social media equivalents)
  • Gaining exposure/Music industry attention
  • YouTube drum covers with over 5,000 views

Approach: – Playing live 3-5 times a month

  • Main supporting for local/touring acts
  • Doing regional/national support tours
  • Solid amount of social media fan base (either independent or band pages)
  • Management/Record Label interest
  • YouTube drum covers with over 30,000 views

Impact: – Touring Nationally/Internationally regularly

  • National/International media exposure (Videos, magazines, social media)
  • YouTube drum covers with over 100,000 views
  • Signed to a Record Label with major release currently out
  • Band has an established reputation in music industry

Collision Drumsticks are happy to accept any applications for endorsements, but before applying please read these very important facts about endorsements:

  • Endorsements do not mean you will receive the product for free.

    An endorsement is a mutually beneficial relationship between an artist and product whereby promotion of the product through various outlets that results in a discount of the purchase provided by the supplier. An endorsement is a privilege, not an entitlement and there are no exceptions with Collision Drumsticks.

  • Endorsements do not make you famous.

    An endorsement is given to someone who has worked hard and earned the right to represent a product. Famous drummers aren’t famous simply because they have been endorsed by plenty of mainstream products, they have proved that they are worthy of modelling that product.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to represent Collision Drumsticks, we want to hear from you!

Please fill out our Endorsement application and make sure to include as many relevant links as you can. These include Facebook pages, audio tracks, youtube videos and touring schedules!
We’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!

Endorsment Application Online Form

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