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Collision Course

Collision Drumsticks is a full force, bold and hard hitting brand that aims to get the most out of it's drummers! We are always looking for innovative and effective solutions for drumming products and ensuring that our Drumsticks are only made from the best materials. Collision Drumsticks has one simple goal – To be the most powerful Drumstick Company in the world!

Through offering a wide rnage of drumsticks and drumstick accessories, Collision Drumsticks is able to provide drummers of all genres the tools to play their craft to the best of their ability. Our product quality and customer service set the standard in today's drum retail industry and it is something we will continue to provide for years to come.

Impact your sound with Collision Drumsticks! 

The story so far…

Collision was created to provide an alternative option to commercial based drumstick products. It was identified that Australia lacked an Australian owned Drumstick distribution company that could support and grow the australian scene and this crafted idea of Collision Drumsticks. By showing a solid understanding of what drummers need to be the best they can be, the demand for Collision Drumsticks began to grow and interest was shown outside of Australia.


Collision Drumsticks is now an international distribution company, with the drumsticks being used all over the world! The combination of cost effective, yet extremely durable drumsticks has provided drummers with a solution to the usual problems:

- Sticks breaking
- Sticks warping drum skins
- Paying too much $$$ for average quality

Collision Drumsticks will continue to grow it's brand and it's family of talented drummers for years to come.

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